January 19, 2021

Business Advice from Berkshire │What do others think of your business?

Does it matter? Yes, it does. You are probably familiar with the saying if you are happy tell others, if not, tell us. In business what people say, does matter. Whether it is existing customers recommending you to their contacts or suppliers happy to continue to do business with you.

You may well have a gut feeling, but is that correct? The only way to find out is to ask them. When did you last ask your customers? Have those customers provided testimonials? Even if they are not prepared to provide testimonials, you may find out how they think you can improve your business.

gravatarFor me, a recent survey showed how much they appreciated the personal service I was offering. By working holistically with my clients, I could make sure that any suggestion I made had taken the big picture into account. Many accountants don’t ask the questions to find out what their clients’ plans are. It is easy to offer an opinion on history, but with my professional experience, I take it as a compliment when clients discuss their future and ask what would be best. Although this may be viewed as a standard service offered by accountant, the level of questions can be an indicator of their breadth of thinking before offering an answer. In your industry, if someone asked advice, you would expect to make sure you had all relevant information and future intentions before making a proposal – wouldn’t you?

The benefits of finding out what clients/customers think are numerous. You can see whether the customer view is the same as yours; you can use their responses as testimonials; you can re-excite their interest in your offerings; you can demonstrate you care about them and the quality of service you offer; you can keep in touch.

Last week I sent out an email requesting testimonials and received fifteen replies within 24 hours. Two clients raised an extra point at the end of their reply so it was useful from that point of view as well as gathering testimonials for my updated web site.

Book coverIf I have worked with you before, and you would like to send a testimonial, feel free to email me. Those not used in the revamp of the web site may well be used in other marketing material.

Do respond with a testimonial or a recommendation on LinkedIn. If we are not already linked, feel free to find me and ask to link up via penny@wcon.co.uk.

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