January 28, 2021

Business Advice From Berkshire: Increase Your Profits – The Easy Way

Many business owners can get in a rut and keep doing what they have always done. Now is the time to change. Whatever you are doing, there are some things that you should do differently. What are those things in your business?

Firstly, make sure you know what you are spending your money on. Do you know what all the payments are for? Are you still getting benefit from what you are paying out? Are you getting the best deal?

My broadbaIncrase Your Profitsnd was slowing down to the point it was becoming unusable. I have BT Infinity and so I believed it shouldn’t be that bad. I gave in, resigned myself to the fact I would spend hours on the phone and took up the challenge of getting back the speed I was used to. To cut a long story short, after a one hour three minute phone call, my service is working faster than it has done for some while, I am having a new ‘box’ delivered on Wednesday which is three models up from the one I have and will almost double the speed, I will have a year’s cover and my internet will cost me £2 per month less. Time well spent.

I have also reviewed the quality of service I was getting from some of my suppliers and have given them notice and currently sourcing different ones. I am now better educated as to what I need and in a stronger position as a customer than I was when I first needed their services. You may find yourself in a similar position.

Secondly, are you charging the right price? Have your costs, including delivery costs, risen gradually over time and you have not made the necessary adjustments to your prices? Have you clearly defined what you are supplying to your customers so they don’t keep getting free add-ons? I am not just talking about putting your prices up, but simply charging correctly for what you do supply.

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