January 28, 2021

Start Up Advice

Are looking to start up a new business?


Have you just started a new business in the last 18 months?

If you answer Yes to either of the 2 questions above then you will benefit from the information on this page and the free online training available. Read on to the end of the page to discover how to take advantage of this free training.


You are invited to this free training on Tuesday 24th June at 8pm to discover the costly mistakes that hold businesses back.



FREE Start Up Business Advice

Starting a new business is exciting but if you jump straight into a new business without looking then there are risks & threats ahead to the success of your business.

Getting advice and support will increase the chance that your new business will be a successful business.  The statistics for  start up business failure in 2013 mean that in 2014 you can expect 73% of new start up businesses to close down within 12 months.

Hello and welcome

I am Penny Lowe

Founder of Wellington Consulting Ltd, Accountant and author of Understanding Your Accounts for the UK Business Owner.

The most important thing any business can do is to get the support and information they need to make their enterprise a success.

Where can you go to get the right advice?

Who should you speak to?

What do you really need to know?

The answers to these questions are numerous, the obstacles ahead are many. This can create confusion and overwhelm.  This is why I have created a free online training ( aka webinar).

The purpose of this Webinar is to provide you with the information need to make sure that you look before you jump.  In the case of businesses that are up and running the webinar will help you to make sure that you have the systems for long term success of your business.


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Advice That Helps You Avoid Costly Mistakes

I will be providing you with a free online training session to help people like you to get the advice they need to grow their business. One of the keys to being successful when you are in the start up phase is to make sure you do the right thing first time. Getting into bad habits can create a mountain to climb to retrain into good habits. Making mistakes costs money, and some mistakes cannot be undone and you may be paying off for life. Many of these mistakes can be avoided

To register for the free training you just need to enter your name and email address.

I will then send you an invitation to the webinar. A training event that you can watch from the comfort of your home.

What Will You Get In This Webinar?

In this free 1 hour start up business webinar you will receive a 45 minute presentation on Tax pitfalls for your business followed by a Question and answer session.


Within this webinar you will discover

  • Why you must keep all your estimates & quotes for your business even when you do not win the contract
  • Why the wrong business entity will cost you money and could increase your personal exposure to tax.
  • How buying a new car can increase your taxable incomeby £13,000 costing you up to £5,500 and your company another £1,800 or even more!
  • When  to delay registering  for VAT
  • How to avoid fines & pitfalls with effective internal systems
  • Why you need to know if you charging your customer enough money



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How Do I Sign Up For This Free Business Start Up Advice Webinar?

To register for this free online training all you need to do is enter your name & email address on the registration page. There is a limit of 100 people due to the software that is being used.

So don’t delay in securing your place by going on to the registration page.

As a bonus for registering for the webinar you will also receive

A FREE report ‘What should be on an invoice?’

 Access to a recording by Penny Lowe on ‘How to keep on top of your finances – so you can sleep at night’ first presented at The Business Show at Olympia November 2013

To register just  go to the registration page and enter your name and email,

I will then send you an invitation to the webinar.  I will also send you an email to say I have received your registration. Then finally I will send you a reminder.


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P.S. your registration bonus should be with you within 45 minutes of registration