November 30, 2020

Take a holiday, but make a back up!


WellingtonConsulting_SocialMediaGraphic_Holidays_180717-01Many smaller business owners either don’t get round to taking a holiday, but when they do I guarantee that most will take their laptops and iPads with them. But what happens if it gets lost, broken or stolen while you are away?



Not a problem, we all make back-ups… right? But…


  • Are the programs you use for work on another computer?
  • Where is your customer list held?
  • Have you made copies of all the information your business needs to operate?


Do you back up? And do you keep that back up somewhere safe?


I only ask because you really wouldn’t like me to tell you how much it would cost to try and recover or (more realistically) recreate your data. It takes time as well as money and that is without measuring the distress and disruption to your business. At least the costs of recovery would be allowable against tax!


On a happier note, the evenings are still light, woolly jumpers are a distant memory and the heating bills are lovely and low. If you haven’t done so already, you still have time to gather together the information for your tax return and find out how much tax you need to pay by 31st January. If you wanted to, you could start paying money to HMRC now so as to spread the cost. And did you know they pay you interest if there is money sitting in your tax account for taxes not yet due?


Happy holidays.






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