January 19, 2021

Would You like an upgrade?

How often do you ask clients if they would like to spend more with you? To sell more to existing clients is cheaper than finding new clients!

gravatarWhen we flew home from our holiday with British Airways, the simple question above resulted in them getting more income for not a lot more expense. They already had the air side lounge with food and drink and staff available. On board the plane the comfy seats would have been empty, the staff would have had time on their hands if we hadn’t upgraded. The only costs to them were food and drink and processing the extra payment.

This made me think of how often, or not, I try to up sell my services. If it is classroom training on QuickBooks, then every time. I feel that in most cases classroom training is too general. You only need an accountant who understands all, a business owner who understands nothing about accounts and a book-keeper that has used Sage for years and wants more of a conversion course. With this diversity, what level should I pitch it? Then add in the different business sectors that each of these may work in, how can you justice to all? I know one to one training would be of most benefit to my clients, so that is what I sell. I then give them a couple of options and let them choose.

If a prospect asked you what is different about your premium service, what would you say? What would be the benefit to them of paying you more? Is it a more personal service, delivery by the most senior staff, extras that the prospect may not even have considered?

The decision for the prospects comes down to available products and prospect education. If they can see what is in it for them, it will make their choice easier. It will also demonstrate what makes you different from your competitors. You have the prospects’ interest at heart.

What you are offering them is an educated choice. For them the ability to make a decision based on fact rather than simply going for the cheapest and living to regret it. Have you ever found yourself in that position?

If you haven’t already, make a list of what your business offers as an upgrade, then cost it, decide on a price and trial it. Remember, you are only educating your prospects on other choices available. You have nothing to loose and extra income to win. Wouldn’t you like higher profits?

Enter your comments below about whether you are going to offer an upgrade and why.

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